Parents of autistic children have questions, science has answers

I am breaking form somewhat with this blog entry. It is not refuting anything said by anti-vaxxers. Instead, it is a response to genuine questions of a parent trying to come to grips with an autism diagnosis. The reason I am taking time to post this here is that there is so much misinformation out… Continue reading Parents of autistic children have questions, science has answers

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Anti-vaxxers Woke AF… or not.

There are a few keys to a good conspiracy theory: Make sure that everyone knows that you are "woke". Display your vast amounts of secret knowledge for the masses to be jealous of. Make sure that your dozens of conspiracy theories contradict each other Anti-vaxers are masters of both. All photos credited to Things Anti-Vaxxers… Continue reading Anti-vaxxers Woke AF… or not.


The Autism Epidemic: Facts and Fictions

As an active debunker of pseudoscience everywhere, I hear the term “autism epidemic” a few times a day. In most vaccine discussions, it is just common knowledge that autism is going up. The slope of that graph is huge, and it is intimidating. It is only logical parents would try and figure out what exactly… Continue reading The Autism Epidemic: Facts and Fictions

Vaccine Ingredients

What the heck is Thimerosal?

If you have read any vaccine/anti-vax comment thread you will inevitably see someone say, "But vaccines have mercury in them!" and then someone will respond, "Thimerosal is not mercury you dolt!"  The anti-vaxxer scratches their head in confusion, the pro-vaxxer feels like they've won the argument, and the sideline readers say, "What?" So the purpose of this… Continue reading What the heck is Thimerosal?