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Another Anti-Vax Link Dump

I found this one over at CureGear where they had an awesome shirt "Vaccines Cause Adults" that upset some anti-vaxxers. I haven't bought mine yet, but I definitely may soon. So as usual, the goal of the anti-vax link dump is to overwhelm you with sources that look official (but usually aren't) to try and… Continue reading Another Anti-Vax Link Dump

Forget science! It's too darn hard!
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Refuting the anti-vax URL dump

Anti-vaxxers have long tried to come up with different ways to give their movement the veneer of science without actually having to do any science (because getting a BS, MS, and PhD/MD is difficult, but posting on Facebook is easy). One of the most common ways of doing this is dumping a list of studies… Continue reading Refuting the anti-vax URL dump